Technology Transfer Case Study

Technology alteration describes activities that accept the aim of establishing assessable action advance through the acceptance of new practices. Advantageous technology reduces the gap able by disabled and aged individuals in accomplishing circadian activities. Some of these technologies are argument telephones, Braille computer monitors, bittersweet pointing devices, bogus limbs, and advantageous software.

Introducing and auspicious the use of these technologies and abounding others to Pathfinders’ consumers, is a albatross of the absolute active specialists.The absolute active specialists abetment the consumers in anecdotic the advantageous technologies needed, applying for allotment to acquirement the technologies, and educating the accessible on the assorted technologies available. However to accommodate its casework to its consumers, Pathfinders had to acclimate to accepted advice technologies.

A Strategy for Technology Transfer

Recognizing the accord amid technology alteration and action advance is axiological to Pathfinders’ admission to change. Technology cannot be afflicted after some appulse on the action or cadre that use the technology, be it an admission in productivity, a abridgement in cost, or a axiological change in method. A amount of key issues had to be addressed for the technology to be auspiciously transferred. These are disconnected into several categories; technology issues, action changes, and changes in culture.

Technology Issues

Pathfinders would accompany the Advice Age by installing, new computers, book servers, arrangement printers, a bounded breadth arrangement (LAN), and Internet access. The accession action appropriate advancing the PCs afore carrying them to Pathfinders, again a appointment to the appointment website to body the arrangement and arrange the equipment. The PCs were connected on Microsoft applications. Following the accession of the network, etc., training on the use of the software was provided.

With the accession of the basement complete, anniversary absolute active specialist and the controlling administrator had a claimed computer, email, and Internet access.Designing and architecture a training centermost provided the befalling for anyone to appear in and apprentice added about computers and appointment appliance software. Pathfinders provided some basal training courses. Additionally, computer books were accessible for use with the computers to apprentice how to use the programs. Admission to the Internet was provided. Allotment was allocated through federal funds to abutment the changes in technology.

Process Changes

Before the technology changes, there were alone two stand-alone PCs accessible for use by the staff, these PCs were actual old, active DOS applications. Advisers were affected to allotment the PCs or use typewriters to complete correspondence. Abstracts was maintained on billowing disks and hardcopy. Admission to the Internet for analysis was able by traveling to the bounded library, which captivated admired assets of time and personnel. Deploying the new basement decidedly afflicted the way the advisers worked. The changes in basement gave real-time admission to the Internet, customer data, and bigger abstracts security.

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