An affordable life insurance option for people aged 50 and above

AARP life insurance program is developed by New York Life, largest mutual fund- insurance company in United States, an has been in the business for around 150 years. Depending on one’s needs, one can choose between a term plan or a permanent insurance policy offered by AARP life insurance.

There are 4 versions of term insurances offered, namely, Convertible which allows to convert to permanent insurance any time without physical examination, Term, Level and Decreasing where the benefits of the version decrease with passage of time.

The permanent insurance plans are different than term plans in the sense that they have a savings feature which keeps on building up cash reserve and the insurer can use it any time till he is alive. The four variations offered in this are; whole life, universal life, variable life, and variable universal life.

AARP members can not be turned down for coverage, non cancellation of policy without consent, no medical examination required are some benefits, this program offers. By going online, anyone can read more about the program and request for more information. They can even request for free insurance quotes, which can help them to make decisions faster.

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