Latest Lcd Tv Models From Toshiba Regza

Toshiba ZV650 Sequence LCD Television: 42ZV650U / 47ZV650U / 52ZV650U

Toshiba is set to release three new LCD flat-panel tv’s this April. Whilst they sound pleasant and all, we can’t support but feel underwhelmed by their rather mediocre features. It does not support that they’re pushing a fake 240Hz change rate, either.

The Toshiba REGZA ZV650 series of LCD televisions are a integrated activity of fascinating features and ponderous features that need a certain examination. The ZV650 series ?s made of three models, the 42-inch 42ZV650U, the 47-inch 47ZV650U, and the 52-inch 52-ZV650U.

The prototypal digit models hit manufacturer’s suggested retail prices of $1,299 and $1,699 respectively; the toll of the 52-inch model is ease unavailable, but will most likely be more than $2,000.

The three ZV650 tv’s are getting acquirable this April.

Apart from the distinctions in size, the ZV650 versions every hit just the same basic feature-set. These LCD tv’s are Toshiba’s rattling prototypal to make use of an LED backlight. By replacing the customary fluorescent backlight used on LCD flat-panel tv’s, Toshiba has significantly decreased the forcefulness activity of ZV650 versions compared to their predecessors. LED backlights are also more brilliant and longer-lasting than their fluorescent counterparts.

The forcefulness outlay savings makes the ZV650 ordering willing with Energy Star 3. forcefulness activity standards. If you’re concerned about your month-to-month electric bill, the ZV650 televisions shouldn’t hit a material impact on your usage.

All three versions hit 1080p high-definition resolution. On televisions smaller than 50-inches, this kind of resolution is slightly excessive, though nowadays, ?t is difficult to get 40-inch TVs that don’t hit it.

The ZV650 models hit plentitude of connections for accessories, much as four HDMI inputs. That’s enough to fit a Blu-ray player, video-game console, HD camcorder, and your cable or satellite set-top box. Toshiba has ?ntegrated digit factor similarity HD inputs too, ought to you require the player room.

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