Cheap laptops when you start uni

With the blow to students over the recent rise in tuition fees the thought of going to university can seem a bit overwhelming. Perhaps you have worked out a way to manage your tuition fees but what about all the equipment you need to buy? As you leave home you will need to ensure you have your own laptop for university, but how can you possibly afford this on top of everything else?

The answer is cheap laptops! There is so much to choose from in the world of refurbished cheap laptops for under ?200. The thought of a reconditioned computer sometimes puts people off, however it is important to remember a computer, like a car, can be repaired.

Parts need changing and upgrading and it is fairly easy to reinstall software if you know what you are doing. Usually if you purchase a reconditioned laptop then it has been completely tested and reinstalled with new software making it as good as new. It even comes with a warrantee, meaning that if you have any problems in the first few months of used, you can get it repaired free of charge.

Refurbished laptops are an excellent choice for a cheap laptop when you are starting uni. You can reduce the cost of a new computer by half leaving valuable cash left over for a few weeks of food!

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